This website, established by the late Master Ng Chan and Sam Chan over a decade ago, was terminated due to the illness of Master Ng Chan.  There are however a lot of rumors about the late Master Ng Chan since his pass-away.  The students of the late Master Ng Chan, after discussion and careful consideration, have decided to re-open this website using its former design and format.  The main purpose of re-opening this website is to clarify any mis-statement about Master Ng Chan.  We sincerely apologize that this website will not continue to present Ng Chan style Ving Tsun for the time being.  

Sam Chan
1st June, 2012.        

The statement on Master Ng Chan made by Sifu Pun (Master Ng Chan had stated that anyone who taught martial arts should be addressed as Sifu) has been misleading and misrepresentative.  We are uncertain on the intention of Sifu Pun.  As such, we are writing to clarify to the public and in particular the Wing Chun clan in the world.

The teaching style of Master Ng Chan was unique and stringent.  Master Ng had put emphasis on martial arts virtue and had forbidden his students to claim supremacy on their skills to others.  He only taught further on once his students had proven mastery on each fundamental skill.  He seldom taught about individual technique or formula. Master Ng taught by action mostly.  The students of Master Ng were taught through their continuous chi-sao with their sifu. Master Ng’s students had to observe, feel and think carefully and repeatedly for any Wing Chun questions they might have.

Master Ng Chan was a rigorous man of integrity and had never claimed supremacy on his skills to others.  Furthermore, he never talked to others about the shortcomings on his peers. As such, any sayings that only Master Ng Chan learned the true/unique set of Wing Chun skills is completely incorrect.  Also there is no such thing as true/direct descendant of Wing Chun martial arts.  This kind of statement is an insult to Master Ng and our Wing Chun ancestors.

Actually, Master Ng Chan had stated that there is no right or wrong (or even clumsy or skillful movement) in the context of martial arts.  The most important is the fundamental skill of the martial artist.  A person can change a clumsy skill into the right action (hereby skillful) in combat if the executioner has the right foundation.  On the contrary, if a person lacks the understanding or foundation in executing any skillful movement, then it will be awkward for that person to execute any kind of skillful movement at all (and hence turning that skillful movement into a clumsy one).

We advise that Sifu Pun should not make any bold and misleading statement in the name of Master Ng Chan.  You have publicly stated that  Master Ng Chan did not teach you officially.  You claim that you have only learned Wing Chun through the observation on the movement of Grand Master Ng Chan.  If this is the case, then you have already proved that you are so clever and can be on your own.

We have forwarded this public notice to Master Yip Chun, the Martial Arts Association in Guangzhou province; the Martial Arts Association in Foshan and the Wing Chun Association in Foshan.  We also like to clarify that we are unrelated to neither the action nor statements in the name of Ng Chan Wing Chun made by Sifu Pun, Foshan Pik Wah Wing Chun and its students.

Ng Chan Wing Chun Students
1st June, 2012.